Dr. Karel

Jan 012011

Animal Nutrition and Wellness Centre

Hello! I am Dr. Karel Carnohan, DVM. I am launching a new business called Animal Nutrition and Wellness Centre in Vancouver, BC.

A Focus on Small Animal Nutrition and Wellness

My practice will focus on nutrition and will include nutrition counseling, custom diets and wellness services for small animals. The clinic will serve up a healthy dose of research and education to help my clients sift through the overwhelming information, some of it good some of it bad, about animal nutrition, including commercial diets.

Safe and Healthy Pet Diets

I will work with my clients’ veterinarians to manage their pet’s medical issues such as allergies, diabetes and gastrointestinal conditions. A library and educational centre will be available to clients who will benefit from a steady program of guest speakers and specialists. This practice is currently in the planning stage and this site/blog is one of the first steps to begin helping people improve their pet’s wellness by better understanding the role of diet and wellness practices in their lives. Stay tuned.

Dr. Karel teaching kids about rabbit nutrition and care

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