Dr. Karel


Animal Nutrition and Wellness Services

Hello! I am Dr. Karel Carnohan, DVM. I am currently the owner of the Cat Care Clinic of Asheville in Asheville, North Carolina. My passion is nutrition and have seen first hand how nutrition can improve the lives and health of animals. It is the foundation for good health. At the Cat Care Clinic, I help my clients understand that cats are obligate carnivores and need animal protein for healthy lives. I do not restrict my nutrition counseling to cats; I am available by web or phone for counseling in canine and small mammal nutrition.

A Focus on Small Animal Nutrition and Wellness

My practice will focus on nutrition and will include nutrition counseling, custom diets and wellness services for small animals. We serve up a healthy dose of research and education to help my clients sift through the overwhelming information, some of it good some of it bad, about animal nutrition, including commercial diets.

Safe and Healthy Pet Diets

I work with my clients and other veterinarians, who want to help their clients, to manage their pet’s medical issues such as allergies, diabetes and gastrointestinal conditions.

Dr. Karel teaching kids about rabbit nutrition and care

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  1. Are you taking clients yet? Do you work with particular vets. I have a 9 mo old pup who in all observable ways in the picture of health but who register high 427 ALT. I’m looking for nutrition help. Thanks, Deb

    • Hi Deb. Yes, I am doing consultations over the phone and by email. Before considering diet changes, please talk with your vet about further diagnostics. An ultrasound, a pre and post bile acid test and/or a liver biopsy may be in order to determine if the pup has a liver shunt or other liver abnormalities. I hope this helps.

      Dr. Karel

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