Nov 222012

Is what you feed your loving companions healthy for them? This is what Bill Good asked me on Tues morning on his show in Vancouver, BC on CKNW AM980. The recent illnesses and deaths of many dogs after they ate chicken jerky treats made in China has prompted many pet guardians to question how safe are the food and treats that many companies sell. How regulated is the pet food industry in Canada and the US? The answers may surprise you. Bill and I had a lively discussion and could answer only a few of the many calls that came in. If you would like to listen to the segment, you can go on-line to iTunes podcasts and listen for free. Here is the link to the Bill Good Show podcasts on iTune. My talk is in the first half of Nov 20th Hour 3. If you have any questions after listening, please contact me. The Bill Good Show Podcast on iTunes

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