Dr. Karel is passionate about animal care, and it shows in her personal animal companions. They have shining, healthy fur, bright eyes, and they adore her.

She spends a lot of time researching the best techniques for keeping your pets healthy and living a long and happy life.

Karilee Orchard
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  3 Responses to “Testimonials”

  1. Dr. Karel walks her talk.

    If I come back as a cat next time around I would hope to come back as her cat. No one cares more about the health and welfare of animals, and this level of commitment shows with her own furry companions.

    You love your furry friends? She does too. Knowledge and compassion in one neat little bundle, that’s Dr. Karel.

    Nikki da Hobbit

  2. I contacted Dr. Karel about the dire situation that my senior kitty cat (Sally) is in which is causing us a great deal of angst. I.needed to obtain information about possible nutritional/food ideas as Sallykat’s appetite has dwindled to a point of grave concern. Dr. K. made some suggestions as to possible causes and gave me very helpful information to “digest” . I plan to follow through with her very helpful suggestions
    which include seeing a vet for blood tests. I really appreciated Dr. K’s very prompt, thorough and insightful response.
    Thanks you so very much, Dr. Karel. What a wonderful service to have available for our dear pets!


  3. Dr, Karel has been a tremendous help with our dog Mylo who has been suffering from allergies since he was a puppy. He scratches and chews himself constantly. She gave us advice that let us to finally finding he has many environmental allergies and given us hope that we may have a solution we are comfortable with. She always responded to our questions right away as we tried different things she suggested. She is certainly very knowledgeable about these types of issues. We also like her friendly attitude that is certainly different from some of the doctors we had seen previously.

    Thanks Dr, Karel for leading us to finding a solution for Mylo’s problem.

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