Sep 112013

Here is an excellent explanation of why canned/wet food is the best for cats from Lisa Pearson:

“Cats have a low thirst drive and are designed to get their water needs met by their prey or food bowl. Canned food (vs dry kibble) promotes urinary tract health and optimal systemic hydration which is especially critical for cats with kidney insufciency. See Opie’s pictures at -

Urinary Tract Health page – for a look at the suffering that water- depleted diets very often contribute to. Please do not fall into the trap that so many people do by engaging in wishful thinking and assuming that your cat makes up the water defcit at the water bowl. Many studies have shown that when all water sources are considered (food and water bowl), cats eating dry food – even the “good drinkers” – consume ~50% the amount of water that a cat on canned food consumes. This is in spite of the fact that cats on water-rich diets rarely go to the water bowl.”

Thank you Lisa!

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